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Retirement Plan Services

We Act in a Fiduciary Capacity on Behalf of Your Plan

As an engaged investment advisor, we provide formal advice and recommendations to plan fiduciaries. We share fiduciary responsibility for the recommendations we provide. We can act in either an advisory capacity (code section 3(2)(1) advisor – a co-fiduciary relationship) or with full discretion (code section 3(3)(8) investment manager – we become the plan investment fiduciary).

Participant Education is a Hallmark of our Service

We take great pride in our participant education approach. Due to our independence and private client experience, we provide premium participant education services. Our education can be delivered in person, online, or via digital file accessible anytime by participants. Most clients utilize a combination of these delivery methods.

We Provide In-depth Periodic Reviews of Investment Alternatives

On a quarterly or semi-annual basis, we provide thorough review of your plan's investment options. We have received many client accolades for our work in this area. Our process includes an in-depth review of each investment alternative, including qualitative and quantitative factors, an overlap analysis, review of the asset allocation of model portfolios, and any necessary adjustments. It also includes an analysis of plan participation and asset allocations being utilized by participants.

Each section of our review includes written recommendations. We also strive to provide a comprehensive client service experience. For example, when fund changes are recommended, all documentation surrounding the replacement is provided, including customized communication from the sponsor to the custodian directing the changes, as well as participant communications discussing the rationales and timing of the changes. 

We believe our review represents one of the most well-rounded, logical, and actionable documents available in the industry.

Offering In-depth Periodic Reviews of Recordkeeping & Administration Vendors

Every three to five years, or as a plan passes through significant asset thresholds, we review major plan functions like recordkeeping and administration to highlight any pricing inefficiencies or service shortcomings of the current providers. Many times, improved pricing or enhanced service can be negotiated with the current providers through the use of this document. It also provides a record of the ongoing review of a plan's service and cost efficiency from a fiduciary perspective.

The Result: The knowledge and confidence that your retirement plan continues to be a highly effective, cost-efficient, and compliant tool for pursuing both plan and participant goals.