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The Personal CFO Experience

What does Personal CFO mean to us?  To begin with, it includes the basics of investment management, tax and estate planning, and charitable giving.  However, two additional services really set us apart and create our true Personal CFO experience.

First, our deep experience with corporate finance, executive benefits, employer stock options, and business succession planning plays a central role.  A family's estate, business succession, investment and tax plans are all interrelated.  Shouldn't they be cooridated in design and structure too?  We certainly think so and our clients gain incredible efficiencies from our cross-discipline team.  Our experience among these interrelated financial areas enables our team to coordinate structure on your behalf - a significant value add for clients.

Second, is our project management service that makes great plans and projects come together.  We have shared client's frustration with many rounds of expensively devised, well laid plans that never get implemented because no one is officially in charge to "get it done."  How long has that will been laying around, unsigned?  How about the LLC you've been meaning to set up to own your rental properties?  Let us handle it for you.  

Using our project management service to make your plans come together and happen, is perhaps our client's most valued experience.  That means assigning and tracking tasks and ownership across all of the involved professionals, including your attorneys, CPA, business valuation firmand making sure the team is aware who's court the ball is in and providing the nudges that are often needed to move  things along. 

The best laid plans only work if they get executed.  We are here to make sure they do.

Coordination of our related practice groups and the interrelated areas of your financial life, with the practical day to day detailed project management to make things happen - that's the Duncan & Haley Personal CFO experience.