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Executive Benefit Consulting

Non-Qualified/Executive Benefit Consulting and Execution 

Most companies altruistically set out to treat all employees equally, endeavoring to provide equal perks and benefits. What many employers don't realize, however, is that standard group benefit and retirement plans discriminate against the company's leadership, often inhibiting their ability to meet important retirement and planning objectives in a tax-efficient manner. Typically, we find that leadership is covered at a rate of less than half of the proportional benefit intended. Reverse discrimination is often found in retirement plans, as well as group life and disability plans.

At Duncan & Haley, Ltd., we bring the experience and tailored solutions you seek for key executives and leadership within your organization. Our strategies are customized to your needs and may include:

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Programs to help leadership save for retirement

“True Up” life or disability programs to make sure your leadership is provided benefits equal to your greater employee population.

Key person/Buy-Sell Insurances to make sure your family and the business are covered, should the unthinkable happen.

Recent Developments in Executive Benefits Include:

Rabbi Trust Provisions

Current Rabbi Trusts should be reviewed to ensure they carry "spillover" provisions that allow surplus funding to be utilized by the company for other internal purposes (most applicable when an insured death occurs).

Recordkeeping System Advances

Many systems now allow for the combination of non-qualified and qualified retirement plans fostering a great deal of efficiency for participants. Of benefit to the plan sponsor, assets and liabilities can now be matched daily. This combination also greatly eases the utilization of web-based retirement planning tools for employees eligible across multiple plans.

Funding Alternatives

There are many pros and cons to the various funding (investment) alternatives for non-qualified plans. Some of those alternatives include:

  • No funding
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Third-Party Managed Accounts
  • Mutual Funds
  • Individual Stocks and Bonds
  • Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI)

We bring a depth of understanding across all of these funding options and can provide a clear, unbiased evaluation of the potential impact to your company and participants.

Overall Income Sensitive Benefits Gap Analysis 

With a current census and understanding of your benefit programs, we can prepare a complimentary Gap Analysis that will identify any reverse discrimination currently present in your benefits programs.

Financial Planning as an Executive Benefit

More and more, companies are realizing that an employee's happiness and productivity are tied to their financial well-being. By offering employees our Financial Planning services, you can assist valuable employees in pursuing important financial goals. When offered as a benefit to key executives, these services not only enhance the organization’s overall benefits offering, but help to retain the key talent you rely upon to remain competitive.

Estate Planning as an Executive Benefit 

For closely-held or family-owned businesses, a solid estate and business succession plan can be a vital component helping to ensure the company's health and longevity. Estate planning can be strategically combined with business succession planning for broader scope and further economies of scale.

The Result: Customized approach to helping business owners and key executives pursue important wealth building and retirement goals in a highly tax-efficient manner.