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Foundations & Endowments

Providing Sound & Prudent Investments Aligned With Your Mission, Goals, and Spending Policy

Because we are advisors engaged for a fee, we are considered fiduciaries in our work with Foundations and Endowments. Our fee-based approach also ensures you will receive unbiased recommendations for investment strategies. 

Our philosophy largely employs the use of asset allocation to diffuse risk (spreading assets over several asset classes that have historically had a low or negative correlation with one another). The first step is to create the ideal* asset allocation for a given spending and investment policy. Next, a particular investment strategy is developed to execute the initial allocation (i.e. institutional mutual funds, separately managed accounts, index funds, etc.).

The importance of having an appropriate asset allocation that considers the Spending Policy of the organization cannot be overstated. We will carefully analyze your organization's projected cash flow and risk tolerance and then work to align your investment portfolio accordingly.

Finally, we are charged with keeping the portfolio in the correct balance over time. We employ a unique rebalancing method that includes the daily monitoring of portfolio assets with tolerance bands built around asset allocation targets.

This results in a continually monitored portfolio that is rebalanced based on market fluctuation, not simply each calendar quarter or at year-end. This adds potentially significant value in a volatile market climate. Of course, no strategy, including asset allocation and rebalancing, can guarantee against the loss of value or guarantee enhanced performance.

The Result: A strategically managed investment portfolio that remains aligned with your goals and objectives over time.

*Ideally, portfolio construction is rooted in a detailed understanding of the entity's cash flow needs and the risk tolerance of its investment committee.