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Estate Planning

Protect What You Love With an Estate Plan

At Duncan & Haley, we employ a diligent process to help organize, monitor, and manage your estate in a coherent and thoughtful manner. From establishing goals to helping you pursue them; our experienced advisors are with you every step of the way.

Why Do I Need an Estate Plan

Estate planning is a process in which a person plans and prepares for what happens to their estate and business assets for the next generation, and then codifying those plans with legal documents, like wills and trusts, to carry out the plan.  Protecting businesses, their employees and wealth from one generation to the next with an estate plan can be complex and time-consuming. The estate planning experts at Duncan & Haley bring extensive experience and understanding, synthesizing expertise from both our private client and corporate practices to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together in a thoughtful and cohesive way. We help articulate your estate planning goals while working closely with your tax and legal advisors to ensure your strategy and documents reflect your estate planning needs. Guidance from a competent, experienced advisor is invaluable to ensure your financial success is shared with your family, friends, and the charitable organizations you designate, according to your vision.

Top 3 Benefits of an Estate Plan

  1. Determines how your legacy will be carried on after you are gone.

  2. Allows you to prepare, plan, and inform family of your wishes in the event you were incapacitated.

  3. Allows for a plan to take advantage of some of the best tax strategies available to protect the business
    and assets you worked so hard to build for future generations to carry forward.

We Maximize the Value of Your Estate Plan

Did you know that estate taxes are some of the highest federal taxes that can be collected on any kind of financial transaction?  State level estate taxes are another area of focus in our work, which are sometimes an under the radar part of the gauntlet of business succession and estate planning.

The financial advisors at Duncan & Haley will evaluate your assets and overall financial structure with the intent of leaving no stone unturned in bringing maximum efficiency to your estate and business succession succession planning goals. We vigorously work to help clients navigate today’s complicated tax and estate laws. The $11M+ gift tax exemption survived the change in administrations, which leaves great planning opportunities to take advantage of.  This law is set to expire in 2026, which, unless congress acts, will reduce the exemption to $7M+.  Generally speaking, estates over $7M, or $14M for a married couple, should be discussing weather using up some of the credit before it expires makes sense.  We're happy to have a complimentary introductory conversation around this topic, as it is timely for many families and business owners.