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Comprehensive Wealth Management

Coordinating the Pieces of the Puzzle - a Culmination of our Practice Groups

Our Comprehensive Wealth Management service offering is made up of two major pieces - our experience and expertise across investing, financial planning, estate planning, business planning and insurance, and, some incredible technology. 

First, the technology that really allows our collective planning and investing brainpower to holistically consider the "financial you" in incredibly helpful and insightful in interesting ways.

Our system includes inputs for all of your financial information from all of your current financial service providers - investment accounts, loans/mortgages, insurance policies, rental properties, and business interests, providing a truly comprehensive view or your financial position.  If a client chooses to link the accounts to the system, they automatically update values on a daily basis.  Comprehensive Wealth clients also receive a personal login into the system.  Clients can also share temporary access to other advisors like CPA's and attorneys. 

The value of combining our sytem's data and modeling engine with our multidiciplanry experstise cannot be overstated.

Imagine the efficiency and effectiveness that can occur when our investment management and financial planning takes into account and considers this comprehensive view of "financial you."   This includes things like your forecasted cash flows (retirement dates, business sales, loan payoffs), liquidity needs (taxes, buy-sell transactions), tax rate over time (munis or taxable?, Roth or Pre-tax?), financial plan, business succession plan and estate plan (project management for creating trusts, LLC's etc).    

The Result: An exemplary advisory service looking at your holistic financial picture, utilizing the latest technology, to advise you and your family around investments, insurance, business succession and estate planning - Duncan & Haley's Comprehensive Wealth Management Service.

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